Writing: Journalism, Essay & Photoessay, Memoir

“Rector Interview and Analysis: Professor Jordan B. Peterson”, March 2017. News. Glasgow Guardian. Glasgow, UK.

“Quickly Returning To Daily Activities After A Terror Attack: Sunny Day @ Kensington Gardens, London” March 2017. Featuring Photoessay “Love Still Lives in London”Edge of Humanity Magazine. USA.

“Alpacalypse – “Alpacas on Campus” RAG Week Event Faces Backlash”, March 2017. News. Glasgow Guardian. Glasgow, UK.

“A Greek Immigrant, A Community Diner & A Love Story from the 1940s” March 2017. Featuring Photoessay “How Van Met Phyllis: Curley’s Diner, Stamford, CT, The Ruby Slipper Project”. Edge of Humanity Magazine. USA.

“Skeletons in the Closet: The Significance of Contemporary Vandalism at Glasgow’s Necropolis”, March 2017. Experimental Essay in Features. Glasgow Guardian. Glasgow, UK.

“Glasgow Protests Trump’s Muslim Ban, Photoessay in Features. February 2017. Glasgow Guardian. Glasgow, UK.

“The Transition From Farm Lifestyle To Higher Education in California”
, February 2017. Featuring Photoessay “At the Edge of the World: Socioeconomic Disparity Between Davis, California and Outlying Farming Communities”Edge of Humanity Magazine. USA.

“More Than a Memory: Glasgow University’s War Memorial Garden Represents Community; Embodies a Contemporary Call for Armistice” (and all Photographs), 
November 2016. Features. Glasgow Guardian. Glasgow, UK.

“Literature’s Role in a Digital Tomorrow: Glasgow University Still ‘A World of Words’, an Interview with Dr. Bryony Randall” (and all Photographs), October 2016. Features. Glasgow Guardian. Glasgow, UK.

Photography & Photojournalism (Sans Writing):

‘The People’s Palace’, Centre Spread, Issue IV. Print Only. Glasgow Guardian. 

‘Donald Dewar Statue, Inaugural Protest’, for ‘Glasgow protests Trump inauguration’, by Thomas J. McDonald. January 2017. Online. Glasgow Guardian.

‘Looking into Glasgow from Byres Road’, for ‘Rent struggles affect 4 in 10’, by Austen Shakespeare. January 2017. Online. Glasgow Guardian.

‘Tower Through Trees’, for ‘GU medics can opt out of bad news role-play’, by Osama Abou-zeid. January 2017. Glasgow Guardian.

‘Quadrangle View’, for ‘University bosses criticised for expense claims’, by Katy Scott. January 2017. Glasgow Guardian.

‘4 University Gardens’, for ‘New English Literature Society on Campus’, by Hamish Morrison. January 2017. Glasgow Guardian.

‘Strathclyde University Campus’, for ‘Strathclyde Offer Sexual Violence Prevention Workshops’, by Hamish Morrison. Issue IV. January 2017. Glasgow Guardian.

View from the West Quadrangle’, Centre Spread, Issue II. October 2016. Print Only. Glasgow Guardian.

Jen Hadfield at Creative Conversations’, for ‘A Creative Conversation’ by Hannan Seyal and Kirsty Hebdon, Issue II. October 2016, Glasgow Guardian.

Visual Art & Illustration

“Robert Side-Burns”, Ink Drawing, for ‘Study investigates mental health of Robert Burns’, by Joshua Gualtieri. Glasgow Guardian Issue IV. January 2017. University of Glasgow. Glasgow, U.K.

“Yehudi Menuhin”, Ink Drawing. Breakwater 2015. Albertus Magnus College. New Haven, Connecticut. Ed. Fidis, Stephanie & Sheehan, Matthew J-J.

“Prospect Street”, Cover Art. Breakwater 2015. Albertus Magnus College. New Haven, Connecticut.  Ed. Fidis, Stephanie & Sheehan, Matthew J-J.


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