20% of each print sale goes to the World Wildlife Fund or Natural Resources Defense Council via checkout at eBay for Charity. 

mirror on the plain watermark
“Mirror on the Plain”. Yolo County California, USA, 2016.

To learn more, please read the Artist’s Statement at the bottom of this page. With any questions, please reach out via the contact form, or connect with me on Facebook for updates. All prints are professional quality, high resolution, archival paper, and matted by hand to fit a 10″x12″ frame. $35 USD per print. Click on the images to learn more. Legal stuff at the bottom of this page. Thank you for visiting!






The Road Behind 279 WATERMARK
“The Road Behind 279”. Moab, Utah, USA, 2015.
The Road Ahead Watermark
“The Road Ahead”. Eastern Connecticut, USA, 2011.
Looking into the Face of God
“Looking into the Face of God”. Lake Tahoe, California, USA, 2016
as a storm rolls in watermark
“As The Storm Rolls In” Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA, 2013
entrance to desolation wilderness watermark
“Entrance to Desolation Wilderness”, Lake Tahoe, California, USA, 2016
Light of Stornoway Harbor WATERMARK
“Light of Stornoway Harbor” Eliean Siar, Scotland, UK, 2017
Hometown Macro Color Watermark
“Hometown Macro”, Horsebarn Hill, Storrs, Connecticut, USA, 2017










window to the world watermark
“Window to the World off of Road 23”, Yolo County, California, USA, 2016



This page is a work in progress. A gallery of available work is featured on this page, and more work will be added soon. Thank you for your patience.

Artist’s Statement 

It has been my ongoing privilege to capture the complexity of our world as I have explored it for the last ten years. It is that same privilege that demands I use my art to raise awareness in some small way.

IMG_5341 (1) 2

I’m tired of seeing things like this when I photograph our planet. I have a library of over forty-seven thousand images going back a decade, and too often, shots like these sit unseen alongside more traditional captures. These are the reminders I take for myself from my experiences of how much work there is to be done.

If practicing and producing my art is reliant on calling attention to the beauty of our planet or the complexity of its civilizations, it is my responsibility to do something in return which protects its interests — as long as I am in a position of privilege to do so. As I have said before and will continue to repeat: you can’t eat your ethics. But you do have to sleep with them.

In February of 2018, I will be making high-grade prints of some of my favorite shots available for purchase using an eBay for Charity platform. 20% of each listing price (prints and stationery) will go to the World Wildlife Fund (W.W.F.) or the Natural Resources Defense Council (N.R.D.C.). Most shots will feature or intersect environmental themes to spread the beauty of our world and hopefully, to raise awareness on the importance of keeping it clean and healthy — hopefully reminding folks what’s worth protecting.

Each of these prints will be available in limited quantities, though I have no intention of restricting access to them at any point. While the field may argue that this devalues the print, an ethos centered on continuing accessibility to the images is complicit in and essential to my overarching goal. If my work accomplishes nothing else, I hope for these images to become, to anyone who enjoys them, emblematic of a need for respectful cohabitation with the natural world, for awareness and change, but above all, garnering of admiration and respect for the beauty of our planet.

I am not affiliated in any manner with the National Resources Defense Council, the World Wildlife Fund, or any of their programs, projects, or websites. For more information on the World Wildlife Fund, please visit their website at to select your local office and learn more on how to help. For more information on the National Resources Defense Council, please visit their website at to learn more on how to help. For more information on eBay for Charity, please visit


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